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Master Gracey Laid to Rest No Mourning at his Request on Flickr.

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Back to school, Warhol Philosophy Pencils

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Peter Pan concept art by Mary Blair. More at my Flickr set

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Concept art for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty by Eyvind Earle

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Montgomery Clift photographed by Stanley Kubrick in NYC, 1949.
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Blue Rhythm (1931)

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speaking of seeing Tori Amos, I never really talked about it since I don’t really talk at all on this blog.

I dove headfirst into Tori in 2007, just before she put out a new album. I’ve been trying to see her live ever since, but we’ve never been in the same city at the same time.

I bought a ticket to see her in DC (about halfway back in the auditorium) and was pleased just to be going. I’d had a rough week and the night before decided to check to see if any other seats had opened up. they had, and I retail therapy’d my way into 6th row.

I get to the venue early, because Tori does regular meet & greets before her shows. after waiting in the sun for 7 hours, I was about 8 people away from the cut-off. which might be a good thing; I’d been rehearsing what I was going to say and request for a few days but I knew when it actually happened I’d say the same stuff she hears from everyone else: “thank you for your music; it’s helped me out a lot; plz play X or cover Y bye.”

I get inside the venue at showtime and find out my sixth-row seat is actually third row, and I’m just barely to her left. and it’s silly to say, but even though there were a ton of people in that room there was something magical about being so close to (here we go) someone whose words and thoughts and ideas and noodling notes have left such an impression on me; someone whose songs have helped me process and internalize how I feel or how others make me feel, who has written songs that seem so relatable that it’s like they’re written for my exact situation at that time in my life.

so even though it wasn’t my favorite setlist—though she only played two songs I don’t care for—it’s a concert and overall experience that I can’t stop thinking about almost a week after the fact.

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